Why Yoga?

Yoga for Kids

 The practice of yoga and meditation instills an experience of understanding of the self through physical movement, breathwork, and an awareness of presence through meditation. As young children and youth experience physical, mental, and emotional growth, it is important that they have access to the tools that help them navigate a connection to themselves and the world around them. The tools of yoga are varied and can be made accessible to a diversity of students and abilities, there is something within each practice to be reached by each and every student. Regular yoga practice improves breathing, develops physical strength, increases flexibility, and develops mental fortitude and emotional well-being. It is an incredible resource for students to use with them wherever they go.

Our Mission

Conscious Kids Project partners with schools in the Los Angeles area to teach students evidence-based yoga and meditation tools that improve physical and emotional health, academic performance, and overall well-being. We seek to make the tools of yoga and meditation accessible by building them into the school day and school community. Our hope is that students will be empowered to use these tools to support their own well-being in their everyday lives.

Our Current Work

Now, more than ever, it is critical to support the health and well-being of children in our communities by providing them tools that cultivate peace of mind. Yoga and meditation tools can help sustain families and keep them resourced while living in this time of great change. We are currently providing yoga and meditation classes via online platforms, please email us at consciouskidsproject@gmail.com for more information or if you would like your students to join these sessions.

Your Support

If you would like to support our work, you can donate here or contact us via email: consciouskidsproject@gmail.com